Horse Items Must Have

Horse Owner Items Must Have

Bringing a horse home can be exciting, but it comes with a fair share of responsibility and commitment. As a horse owner, it’s very important you have the right supplies to care for your new friend. Get yourself a notepad and jot down these essential items. You won’t want to be without them!

1. Halter & Lead Rope: Every horse needs a halter in order to be led around the barn and pastures. You don’t have to get fancy. A simple nylon halter is all it takes. A lead rope designed for horses is ideal.

2. Grooming Kit: Your horse must look their best! Get a grooming kit that includes a hoof pick, stiff brush, curry, finishing/soft brush, and mane comb. There are a ton of other brushes and supplies to get, but those basics will help keep your horse clean.

3. First-Aid Kit: Safety first! Horses always seem to get themselves into trouble. You never know when your horse will come in from the pasture with a bleeding cut or swollen leg. Have gauze pads, bandages, antibiotic cream, iodine scrub, scissors, and a small towel in your kit.

4. Riding Equipment: You’ll need a basic saddle package if you plan to ride your horse. They come with a saddle, saddle pad, girth, bridle, and reins.

5. Barn Tools: A few items for around the barn include a water bucket, hay rack, feed bin, wheelbarrow, and pitchfork.

From barn equipment to grooming tools and first-aid necessities, be prepared to stock up on supplies if you’re a new horse owner.