We’ve all been there… hat hair days. When you don’t have the time or don’t feel like making a huge effort to fix up your hair.  Maybe its to run some errands, maybe a last minute dinner with some friends. When that happens we turn to the good ‘ol baseball cap. But just because you’re throwing on a hat doesn’t mean you can’t look chic and cute in 5 minutes. Check out these super quick and easy ways to style your hair under a cap.   

Down with Messy Waves

To get this look use a small amount of styling cream or salt spray on ends of hair to get some texture. Loosely wrap 1 to 2 inch strands around a medium width curling iron barrel (don’t use clip). Leave ends off the barrel by 1 inch for a messy, slightly unfinished look. Lightly spray with hair spray. 

Side Braid

To get this look spray hair with salt spray or texturizing spray. Pull hair to one side low at the nape of the neck. Separate hair into three pieces for a regular braid or two for fishtail style and braid hair. Secure with an elastic. Pull out a couple pieces at the front to frame your face and curl if desired.

*Stylist trick: secure hair into a low pony with a plastic elastic band before braiding and then carefully cut out elastic when finished braiding. 

Low Messy Bun

To get this look pull hair back into a low loose pony tail at nape of neck. Carefully tug at hair above the elastic to loosen some pieces for an “undone” look. Pull some pieces out at the front to frame your face. Gently tease the ends of your pony tail to add volume.  Separate pony into 2-3 strands and twist around base of elastic. Secure each strand with bobby pins. Don’t be afraid to leave some strands sticking out our loose!

Pigtail Braids

Part hair straight down the middle along back of head. Secure one side out of the way with a clip. Lightly dust hair with texturizing spray. Separate one side of hair into three sections and loosely begin braiding below the the ear pulling slightly forward. Secure with an elastic.  Repeat on other side. Tug lightly at outer loops of braid to widen the braid and get a tousled look. Pull out pieces at the front to frame face if desired. 

Side Buns

Not for everyone but a fun playful look! To get this look part hair down the middle on back of head into two even pieces. Secure one side out of the way with a clip. Secure the section your working with just slightly above and behind your ear. Take pony tail and spray with hair spray and gently tease to add volume. Separate hair into two strands and gently wrap around base of elastic to create a bun letting pieces fall naturally. Secure with bobby pins and repeat with other strand. Repeat these steps on the other side for other bun. Pull pieces out in front if desired.