Last week I shared 5 Ways to Repurpose Old Stirrups. It was fun and had great ideas, so I wanted to share additional options for repurposing old stirrups. Some of these great finds can be bought for your home or you can try to get creative and DIY these.

1. Above, take the whole fender and the stirrup to make a three bottle wine holder. You need to add some leather and rings to support the bottles.

This was made by The Salvaged Saddle on Etsy and you can contact them if you want to order one or give it a try yourself.

2. Make a lamp with an old wooden stirrup that has a wide base and attach a vintage lampshade.

Image found on this blog with no instructions.

3. Make your bird house look rustic by adding a stirrup and a couple of horseshoes.

Image found on Oregon Live.

4. Turn a stirrup into seasonal decor and hang an ornament from it.

Image source unknown.

5. There are endless possibilities for stirrup lamps, this one is available for purchase at Rod’s.