Planter DIYS Cowgirl Magazine
Planter DIYS are popular in the cowgirl world!

Do you have a green thumb? Consider up-cycling these common household items and making your own fun planters; it’s not difficult to do, and it’s the perfect summer activity!

A cowboy boot planter, pictured above left, is definitely a must. This DIY is so simple; old boots and a little cement is all it takes to make a durable planter. What a fun way to keep your favorite pair of boots just a little bit longer!

The Vintage mugs and tin cans, pictured above right, make great containers for small garden projects. Give this a whirl the next time you want to add more greenery to your home or yard.

Photo source unknown.

How gorgeous is this display? Colorful spray paint and assorted cans make a beautiful gallery. Save a variety of different sized cans for a more impressive arrangement.

A couple weeks ago I shared the steer skull and succulent trend. I would highly consider giving that DIY a try if you’re looking for a fun way to spice up your home!

Photo source unknown.

Cinder block gardens are another cheap planter alternative. The great part about these fun gardens is that you can paint them any color and arrange them in various ways!