A cowgirl smiling at her horse. Photo by Vince Fleming.……

Have you suffered through a break up recently? You may have sworn off men! After all, you have to protect your heart. Rest assured cowgirls, your horse will never treat you like a man. They’re the most loyal and understanding partners you’ll ever have. Grab a glass of wine and enjoy this fun list!

Why Horses Are Better Than Men…

  1. They’re so good at listening! Your horse won’t mind if you cry in their mane or talk for hours. In fact, they won’t even argue or disagree.
  2. Horses will never judge your appearance. You can show up with your hair in a messy bun and pajama pants… they won’t care.
  3. They’re easy to feed. No more planning elaborate meals. Your horse is content with a bucket of grain and hay net.
  4. Your horse won’t be shy with public affection. Bring on the scratches, hugs, and nose kisses.
  5. You can dress them up and they won’t complain.
A woman and her horse. Photo by Janosch Diggelmann.

It’s clear… Pick the horse over the man! They will make your life so much more pleasant. If you must pick a man, then at least find one that understands and respects your love of horses.