butterfly chairs are a do
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Photo from CB2.

Butterfly chairs are a trendy piece right now, but I will happily argue that this trend is timeless. Here are five reasons why you need a butterfly chair (or two) in your abode.

1. Butterfly chairs come in a variety of colors that are guaranteed to match your decor. The usual colors include black and brown, but you can find the occasional red, yellow, or blue chair if you look hard enough.

Photo from Horses & Heels.

2. They can dress up a neglected corner. Say goodbye to awkward spaces and hide eyesores.

I used a butterfly chair to cover up my air conditioning unit and added art to complete the look.

Photo from A Beautiful Mess.

3. They are much more comfortable than they appear. My husband was skeptical about our first set of butterfly chairs, but he quickly learned that sinking into one of these chairs was a comfortable place to land.

Photo from My Scandinavian Home.

4. They match perfectly with hide and horns. Your new butterfly chair will fit in just fine with cowhide rugs and steer skulls.

Photo from Urban Outfitters.

5. They don’t take up too much space. Large scale western furniture is beautiful but not everyone has a big enough home to make it look good. Butterfly chairs are sleek accents that won’t clutter a room.