Cowgirl - Color

It’s not abnormal to find a field of bays and chestnuts. However, if your horse is one of these five colors you know all to well how to stand out and make an impression! While some are more rare than others, they all have one thing in common, a unique beauty. Flip through the pictures to find your favorite, but make sure to pick your jaw off the floor by the end.

PC: Mary B at Flickr

Known as grullo or grulla, this coat is considered black with a dun gene. They will have black or brown legs, a darker head, black tips on the ears, and a dorsal stripe down the back. The body is usually smoky or a mouse-like color.

PC: meike_g at Flickr

This horse is a blue roan, which consists of a black base with roaning throughout his body. The roaning gives the horse white hairs. The black comes through the white hairs to give a “blue” illusion.

PC: SierraVegas at Flickr

Similar to the blue roan, this red roan has a chestnut base and white hairs throughout his body. Roans can appear to change colors seasonally as their hair thickens and sheds.

PC: Sharp Pillows

The extremely rare brindle pattern is found in a wide range of breeds. The horse will have watery or drippy looking stripes over their body. This color is not to be confused with dun-type markings like barring on the legs or a dorsal stripe.