Looking for a new spring scent or just something different for Valentine’s Day? Here are five perfumes with cute bottles and flirty scents for you to check out. Buy them now for yourself or casually share this with your guy and drop subtle hints.

1. Gypsy Soule Rebel Perfume for $59.95 from Giddy Up Glamour, it comes with a cute Rebel Bird Charm.

2. Cowgirl Chic Perfume is filled with fruity notes for $29.00 from Cavender’s.

3. Gypsy Soule Freedom Of The Soule Perfume for $59.95 from Giddy Up Glamour.

4. Rockin’ Rodeo Perfume, (I absolutely love this bottle) for $32.00 from Cavender’s.

5. Gypsy Soule Wild Child Perfume for $59.95 from Giddy Up Glamour.

Which perfume are you dying to try?