1. Happy Charlie Worsham album release day! Worsham’s new album Rubberband features 11 songs including his latest single, “Could It Be”. Now available in stores across the country and on iTunes – get your copy today! (CMT

2. Hear what Tuf Cooper has to say about his fellow traveling buddy and Panhandle Slim Endorsee Cory Solomon. Cory, we heard you’re a bad driver! (Rock and Roll Cowgirl)

3. The National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum is hosting an opening reception for its upcoming exhibit, Allan Houser & His Students. The exhibit will showcase Houser’s works from 1914 to 1994, and viewers will have the chance to see Houser’s role as a teacher and mentor. (National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum)

4. Drydales Western Wear is having a Back to School Sale! Don’t miss out on 20% off all online orders and pick up some cute goodies for your little ones. (Drysdales Western Wear)

5. Why do cowboy boots look the way they do? Discover the history, design and more behind the famous cowboy boots from Stargazer Mercantile and get an insight of the company’s inspirations. (Stargazer Mercantile