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Former Miss Rodeo American, host of The Cowboy Channel’s Western Sports Roundup, and primary field reporter and show host for 18-plus Professional Rodeo Cowboy Association rodeo broadcasts and for National Finals Rodeo 2020—Amy Wilson. But how well do you really know her?

Here are some things you didn’t know about Amy Wilson:

She earned a B.A. in Media Arts from New Mexico Highlands University.

After getting two associate degrees from Colby Community College (Agriculture Business and Communications), Amy Wilson took her talents to New Mexico Highlands University, where she worked toward her Bachelor’s degree in Media Arts.

A college aptitude test recommended that Amy Wilson be an air traffic controller.

“The aviation field held no interest for me,” says Amy.  “First and foremost, I believe you must be passionate about what you do, and for me, that’s rodeo and the Western lifestyle.”

Just before she started with Rural Media Group, she was working several jobs, including waiting tables and processing cattle.

Amy reached out to the CEO of Rural Media Group, Randy Bernard, expressing interest in working with them in Las Vegas for the broadcast of the 2012 Miss Rodeo America. While waiting tables at a country club one night in Colby, Kansas, Randy Bernard emailed her about meeting up the next day in Kansas City.

The next morning, Amy woke up at 5 a.m., went to her job processing cattle at a feedlot, processed 500 cattle, and then headed to Kansas City to meet Bernard.

She’s lived in her LQ trailer for almost five years.

“I have a 10-foot, short-wall, living quarters Platinum horse trailer that I had bought before I moved to Nashville,” says Amy, “and I’ve lived in it most of the past five years.”

Her primary concern was for her horses and dogs, so she posted a call-out to her 2,000-plus Facebook followers, expressing her need for good pasture and her willingness to live in her trailer.  Thankfully, one of her friends with whom she hauled to rodeos in the East had a friend near Fort Worth who had room for her horses.

She has five siblings.

Amy Wilson is the second oldest of Lonnie and Lori Wilson’s six children.

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