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Cowgirl Hotlist

Photo courtesy of vnxk.us.
As a cowgirl, there are several decor trends that we often flock to. Southwestern style home decor is, arguably, the most popular way for a cowgirl to decorate her house…but what about farmhouse furnishings? The farmhouse style is a breath of fresh air for anyone wanting to keep their home country, all while maintaining a certain level of individuality. Check out these tips on how to achieve the perfect farmhouse look for your home!
Photo courtesy of deed-ks.org.
1) A farmhouse table is a must: Farmhouse tables are iconic, and often times one of the first objects that pop into the minds of people trying to envision this style of decor.
Photo courtesy of carameloffers.com.
2) Mix and match fabrics: Farmhouse decor is often whimsical and somewhat abstract. Yes, there are ways to achieve this look by using classic colors, but adding vivid colors into your home really brings out the personality of this trend.
Photo courtesy of graphicdesigns.co.
3) Quirky antiques are an essential: Get ready to go antiquing because a farmhouse is not complete without some unique finds!
Photo courtesy of farmhouseporch.blogspot.com.
4) Don’t be afraid to DIY: Make your home truly your own by taking on a few ventures, like this “entryway refresh” project! 5) Floral arrangements never hurt: Flowers and farmhouses are a match made in heaven…and the perfect way to add some extra ambiance to a room!