Cowgirl - Trail Horses

Whether in the market for a new horse or evaluating a current one, great trail horses should meet certain qualifications. An enjoyable trail ride can quickly turn sour if your horse doesn’t possess some of these characteristics. If you’re hoping to find your next partner, keep a look out for these.

Trail horses generally enjoy going outside of the arena and exploring new places. They seem pleasant and attentive on the trail, rather than irritated, anxious, or dull.

It doesn’t matter if you lead, follow, or end of somewhere in the middle, your horse is obedient and willingly accepts his placement in the group. On occasions, it will be necessary to go out alone and he should bravely accept your request.

Is your horse patient and willing to stand still? The perfect trail companion doesn’t jiggle around if you need to stop for a break. They stand still as others catch up or maneuver obstacles. This trait is handy when needing to mount or dismount out in the woods, as well.

There’s water ahead, does your horse causally walk through it? He must accept unusual encounters that he likely doesn’t see around the barn. If he quietly examines the situation without overreacting he’ll be perfect for this job! Trail rides can be filled with unique animals, four wheelers, fallen trees, bridges, streams, and much more.

And lastly, you should have a great bond with your trail horse. Connecting with him and enjoying your time spent together out in the trails is essential. There should be a good level of trust on both ends.

While there are certainly many more good qualities of a superior trail horse, these sum up a few important ones. Take some time to evaluation your horse and see how well he’ll do out there.