Blue Bisbee Native American Jewelry

Vintage jewelry is good for the soul. Especially, vintage turquoise! It can literally be worn with anything and everything. Shoot, wear it with your PJ’s and have beautiful turquoise and patina dreams. No judgment here! We like it. We love it. We want some more of it; but finding quality, vintage turquoise can be difficult! Searching for the perfect turquoise ring or squash blossom online can become a grueling process. You can Google until you are cross-eyed or you can take the high road and just visit these five shops on Etsy!

Each retailer collects vintage pieces from Navajo, Zuni and many more Native American tribes with an incredible design technique. Choose from a multitude of turquoise variations and old pawn pieces. It’s like hitting the best shops in Arizona and Santa Fe, all from the comfort of your own home and pants are optional.  

Poohs Corner of the World

Blue Bisbee Native American Jewelry

Navajo Dreams

Turquoise Kingdom

iCollect Southwest