Cowgirl - Windmill Decor

If you’ve ever lived on a ranch, chances are you know that there are two kinds of windmills:

1. Working Windmill

2. Not Working Windmill

Haha! It seems like no matter what ranch I’ve lived on, there are the windmills the ranch puts in the effort to keep up to keep their livestock watered, but there’s usually an old broken down windmill somewhere that everyone has given up on and no longer serves a purpose. If you’re like me you’ve thought, “that is so cool, but it’s so big I don’t know what the hell I’d do with it?” Repurpose that son of a gun! Some of these DIY’s are as simple as hammering a nail into a wall and some are so difficult you might need to read up on your electrician skills, but don’t give up on that old windmill. Put it to good use as a statement piece, looking shnazzy as all get out in your home!

Try cutting it in half and using it as a wall centerpiece…

Photo Via The Refined Relic