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Films that change the way you view the world are the best kind. Their purpose is much greater than just entertainment. In the short documentary 500 Miles, you follow the journey of wild mustangs, cowboys, and combat veterans. It becomes clear that each member of this path is needed. They will travel through New Mexico and Arizona, as the ultimate test. The Heroes and Horses Program works to rehabilitate soldiers with the use of horses. They give the veterans wilderness and horsemanship skills, while helping them recover from trauma. The non-profit created this 500-mile journey to demonstrate the need of working together. In this case, the veterans and the wild mustangs became a team to complete a challenging project. Watch this exciting film as they gentle 15 mustangs and then set course on a vigorous ride. You’ll witness the ups and downs of the gentling process, and trek across two states. Everyone has their own obstacles to overcome. The film shows audiences that the journey to finding yourself isn’t always easy, but definitely worth it! Watch the short documentary below: