Cleaning stalls doesn’t have to be exhausting if you have the right equipment. Your muck tools can turn 10 stalls into a piece of cake if you select quality and ones that are equipped for your needs. Click through to find products that’ll make your stall cleaning job a lot easier and quicker.

This lightweight mucking cart is perfect for those limited on space. The Folding Dura Cart easily folds up so you can hang it up. It is made with a durable steel frame and vinyl lining. Choose from blue or green.

This muck cart with pneumatic wheels is another great option for barn chores. It can handle up to 350 pounds and go through a range of terrain. The adjustable handle folds for easy storage.

The Noble Outfitters Wave Fork was made to meet the needs of stall cleaners. It is customizable with fork pieces able to be changed out based on color preferences. This unbreakable fork is lightweight and designed with an aluminum handle.

Those who own stall walkers, minis, and young horses will be thrilled with the Fine Tine Pitch Fork. Designed for stalls that use pellets or sawdust, the small gaps ensure only bedding slips through. Your stalls will be cleaner than ever before.

Stall Dry Powder is definitely something stall cleaners need to make the job easier.  This non-toxic powder eliminates odor by controlling moisture and ammonia. It reduces bedding usage and saves labor.

If you’re ready to make a bigger investment that’ll change how you muck, you must consider the Manure Spreader by Fimco. With 35 foot capacity, this spreader is perfect for the small barn owner. It is superior quality and has a corrosion resistant floor. The control levers make it easy to unload and start spreading.

Buying quality products for your barn is essential to saving time and money in the long run. Do you have any favorite barn tools that you use every time? Make sure to share!