apple cider vinegar cowgirl magazine

Apple cider vinegar has been used by people since ancient times! Most are aware of the health benefits, but not as many realize it can be useful at the barn too. Make sure to always use natural, unpasteurized cloudy vinegar like Bragg. You’ll want to stay clear of the distilled pasteurized form. Up to 1/4 cup per day is sufficient for your horse.

Top Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar

  1. It’s a natural insect repellent. It causes thiamine to be excreted through the skin, which repels mosquitoes and flies.
  2. A spritz of diluted ACV can be applied to fungus, burns, and skin infections.
  3. Spray it directly onto hooves with thrush or other fungal problems. Some even soak the hoof or create poultices.
  4. You can occasionally rinse your horse mane’s mane with ACV to remove buildups of soap and dirt. It’ll leave the hair shiny and smooth.
  5. It can be helpful with metabolic syndrome and insulin resistance in horses. Some horses even lose weight with two teaspoons of ACV before a meal.
  6. ACV can be used when traveling. It can disguise the taste of unfamiliar water.

In addition to health benefits, you can use apple cider vinegar to kill weeds around the barn and to clean blankets and bandages that have soap buildup. How amazing is that!