Cowgirl - Duster Vests

I can’t believe I’m already saying the F-word…FALL! But fact of the matter is, fall is really not THAT far away. Now, don’t go busting out your pumpkin flavored lattes just yet, because we’ve still got a month or so of summer heat to simmer in, but it’s definitely time to get your transition pieces ready. For those days when it’s hot one second and cool the next, duster vests are the whole shebang. Of course, how cool you are depends on the fabric you choose. You’re going to sweat your cute butt off if you grab a sweater vest, but there are lots of cute, breezy duster vests available. Some of them include my other favorite F-word…FRINGE!

Start your fall prep with any of these cute get-ups!

Fringe Tailored Sleeveless Duster