Before we even realize it, the weather can have an astounding effect on our skin. Summer can have an especially drying effect on our skin and even make it more susceptible to break outs with the increased sweat we’re producing. Get back to your beautiful glow with these skincare tips.


Try A Tea Tox

Juice cleanses have been all the rage for the past few years, but a new and easier way to detox is with certain types of tea. A tried and tested “teatox” is Tiny Tea by Your Tea. It’s easy on the stomach and has no uncomfortable laxative effects like other detoxes. This tea is perfect for clearing up skin, decreasing bloat, increasing digestion functionality and increasing energy levels. Available online at Your Tea, $35 for the 14 day teatox.

Go On A Juice Cleanse

This is another healthy way to detox your skin and your body as it includes a healthy mixture of veggies, fruits and herbs. Try making your own juice or order it from the plethora of juice cleanse brands out there. To avoid some of the negative side effects that can come with juice cleanses, start slow with a single juice in the morning to replace your coffee. Suja Juice Cleanse is a perfect place to start with helpful information.

Get A Chemical Peel

No matter if you’ve had a chemical peel before or not, make sure a licensed professional does it—most preferably a dermatologist to ensure you’re getting the safest peel. There are many different kinds of peels out there that do different things to your skin, though one of the most popular and more mild peels is a glycolic peel. This type of peel, literally, gives you glowing, smooth and soft skin. It’s like magic. It’s a little tingly while it’s on, but nothing a cowgirl who spends all her time in the sun with her horse can’t handle. Get more information on chemical peels from WebMD.

Get A Facial For Your Skin Type

This is a mild way to detox your skin. For the best results, make sure to choose a facial that works with your skin type. For example, if you have sensitive skin make sure your facial has calming essentials like cucumber and aloe. If you have dry skin, see if you can get a facial with milk thistle elements. Lush has an array of fresh, handmade face masks for every skin type. 

Take Probiotics

It is widely known that probiotics are amazing for your digestive system, but did you know they can help your skin too? The good bacteria in probiotics works throughout your body to get rid of impurities and return your body to a balanced state. You can take supplements with probiotics or you can ingest it. Yogurt contains a lot of natural probiotics and so does Kombucha—a type of fermented tea.

Guzzle Lots Of Water 

The ultimate, easiest and cheapest skin detox is quite simple: water. It hydrates your skin and flushes out impurities. Water consumption is especially important during summer as our bodies are almost always dehydrated trying to cool themselves down. Throw in a few fresh berries or some slices of citrus to add some excitement and flavor to your daily 64 ounces. 


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