I love finding neat little shops that have something different under their hood! Cimmaron River Company is certainly on my radar now. They’ve got it all, folks! Squash blossoms, old pawn and affordable pieces that are perfect layering!

And if you’ve ever read any of my blogs before, you know layering is my obsession; clothes, jewelry and all. The trick to layering is finding that one splurge piece. A.k.a, the piece you’ve been saving up and shopped hard for. Then collecting the more affordable and smaller pieces to go along with it. I like to make it a point to purchase at least two pieces a year that are quality and I can stack or layer with all the pieces in my jewelry collection.

Just think, if you skipped out on those 20 bargain jewelry pieces that you wore once and they broke or went out of style and used all that money on one or two quality pieces a year, you’d eventually build up a timeless collection you were proud of.

If you’re looking to build a quality jewelry collection, Cimmaron River Company is a good place to start!

60” Oxidized Sterling Silver and Turquoise Beaded Necklace