If you are taking a flight this summer it is important to know what necessities you should be carrying on and what you should be checking with your luggage. We’re all aware of the 3-ounce liquid rule when going through security at the airport (I learned the hard way and had to throw out a brand new bottle of hair spray!) so we’ve summed up six beauty essentials you should be traveling with that are all under or exactly meet the 3-ounce TSA liquids rule.

These finds, while designed for airline trips, are also perfect for road trips- who wants to lug around a giant bottle of shampoo when you’re on the road?

Hand Sanitizer

It’s always a safe idea to carry hand sanitizer with your at all times, but definitely most important to do so when traveling. After you’ve checked your luggage, printed your boarding pass, gone through security and sat down at your gate, make sure to grab the sanitizer as thousands of people before you have done the same thing (with or without clean hands). This pocket hand sanitizer in Sweet Pea from Bath and Body Works has a nose-pleasing scent that is sure to make you forget the hustle and bustle of the airport. It’s only 1 fluid ounce and $2. Can’t beat that!

Sized To Go Mascara

It’s hard to look fresh after a plane ride whether you’ve been in the air an hour or five, so bring along this pint-sized mascara for a little perk-up after your flight. Try this MAC Sized To Go Mascara, $10, for length and instant volume. Not to mention, it’s .14 ounces.

Concealer Kit

Suffering from a minor breakout? It’s a great idea to carry a concealer kit with you to touch up before your reach your destination. This Bobbi Brown Concealer Kit, $35, is ideal for brightening up under eye circles and concealing blemishes. It’s also .06 ounces—score!

Hair Ties

These are necessities for pretty much anywhere you go, but especially when traveling. You never know what the weather is going to be at your destination, especially in the summer! These Karina Elastic Ties, $5, come in five gorgeous colors that look great both on your wrist and in your hair. 

Travel Size Fragrance

A mini spray fragrance or rollerball is ideal for carrying with you. Even if you don’t feel your best after a long trip, it’s nice to know you smell your best. Try this Tory Burch Fragrance rollerball, $25, for a fresh, floral scent and at .20 fluid ounces it will meet the 3-ounce rule. These travel fragrances last a surprisingly long time though, and should last for the duration of your trip.

Tinted Lip Balm

Airplane air can be pretty drying to your lips, so it’s beneficial to keep something moisturizing for your pretty pout. There’s nothing like a good Burt’s Bees lip balm and this tinted lip balm in Caramel Daisy, $7, is no exception. It will provide you with smooth, moisturized lips and a pretty natural hue.