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The anatomy of your horse’s hoof is important to know. You will be able to communicate any concerns with your farrier more easily. You’ll also be able to identify problem areas and various concerns like a crack in the heel or bruising on the sole. Ultimately, learning these seven parts will make you a better equestrian!

Hoof Anatomy

  1. Hoof wall: The outer portion of their hooves. This surface is constantly growing, and is trimmed by your farrier on a regular basis.
  2. Heel: Two bulbs toward the back of your horse’s foot make up the heel. It’s normally soft.
  3. Frog: Triangular in shape, the frog is found on the underside of your horse’s hoof, in the middle.
  4. Bars (2): There are two bars that can be identified running alongside the frog. They start at the heel.
  5. Sole: The smooth surface found on the underside of their hooves. It’s the main structure.
  6. Toe: The front portion of your horse’s foot.
  7. White line: The curved part where the wall and sole meet on the underside of the foot.
Photo by: Allpony

You may hear some other terms, such as cleft or quarter, but these seven parts are the most commonly used.