Most horses don’t usually show aggression. They have two instincts- fight or flight. A majority of the time, they’d rather run than attack. There are occasions where your horse may become angry or frustrated with you. They might even act out! For your safety, you should learn what these signs are!

Signs of Aggression

  1. An irritated horse will pin their ears flat against their head. This is also accompanied by a tense body.
  2. They will swish their tail aggressively.
  3. Some may stomp or paw with their feet.
  4. The horse’s muzzle will tighten and the white in their eyes may show.
  5. They may threaten to bite by showing you their teeth or they may actually bite.
  6. Some will lift their hind leg as if threatening to kick. Others might actually kick out.
  7. A horse that charges you in the field or stall is showing aggression.

If your horse does any of these, then you may need to give them space. Most horses act out in stages with plenty of warning given ahead of time. It’s your job to identify what your horse is telling you. Their body language is how they communicate. A professional trainer may be needed to work through the issues you’re having!