Two gorgeous tail bags. Photo by Rogue River Ranch.……

When the weather gets wet and cold, you’ll want to bag up your horse’s tail. Your horse’s hair will be protected from getting dragged and stomped in the mud with a tail bag. Since they won’t be swatting flies anytime soon, you don’t have to worry about keeping it down. There are so many fun designs for a cowgirl to choose from!

Punchy Patterned Tail Bags

How cute is this print! “The world needs more cowboys” appears with cactus, highland, and cow print designs. Talk about western vibes!

Cowboy Tail Bag, $13.00, RogueRiverRanch

This option has a balance of soft and deep shades. It would look great on your sassy mare! The cactus, flowers, and feathers are a nice touch.

Cactus/Leather Print Tail Bag, $25.00, LittlePaintLeather

Where’s my dachshund lovers? This print is seriously adorable! The tail bag comes in two different lengths for average horses and minis.

Western Weenie Horse Tailbag, $9.00+, PFFtailbags

A bucking bronc and night sky give this one a stunning look. You braid your horse’s hair, feed it into the bag, and tie the fabric below the tail bone. It’s that simple!

Midnight Cowboy, $10.00+, PFFtailbags

Here’s a fun print- coffee beans, iced coffee, and a warm cup. It’s perfect for setting a fall and winter mood!

Coffee Beans, $13.00, RogueRiverRanch

There are so many fun prints to choose from!

A tail bag would also make a great gift for the upcoming holiday season. Don’t forget to put one on your wish list!