If you have been on a hunt for the perfect pillows for your home, you might have noticed some seriously expensive price tags attached to those beautiful handmade pillows. We are all about supporting the art of handmade products and encourage people to support small businesses if you can afford to. However, some of us aren’t Donald Trump and we want to have a cute home without dropping a whole paycheck. Zazzle.com has a great selection of western/southwestern style pillows. Keep in mind, most of the pillows are simply transferred images, but they are SO STINKIN’ CUTE, and they don’t look cheap.

You can buy most of the designs in many different shapes or sizes for different price points.

Old Cow Skull Pillow, $33.95

Navajo Print Throw Pillow, $33.95

Native American Vintage Pillow, $39.95

Rusted Teal Mirror Throw Pillow, $39.95

Bison Pillow, $31.95

Faux Black and White Cowhide Pillow, $31.95

Tooled Western Turquoise Leather Look, $33.95

Rustlers Ranch Pillow, $31.95