Now that summer is coming to an end, many beaches are opening up for horseback riders. The off-season is the perfect time to go- less crowds and cooler weather! You can trailer out to your favorite coastal destination and ride the shore. This experience will definitely be an unforgettable memory.

Top Horse-Friendly Beaches

  1. Myrtle Beach, South Carolina: Horses are welcomed on the beach from November 1st to the end of February.
  2. Bob Straub State Park, Oregon: This 484-acre state park is a horse lovers dream! You can ride year-round.
  3. Virginia Beach, Virginia: From September to May, riders can saddle up and go on a beach adventure.
  4. Popham Beach, Maine: During the off-season (October to March), riders can explore this New England destination.
  5. Hatteras Island, North Carolina: Enjoy miles of pristine beach!
  6. Oceano Dunes Preserve, California: You won’t want to miss the rolling hills of sand dunes.
  7. Bradenton, Florida: This paradise is like no other. You can even go swimming with the horses!
  8. Surfside Beach, Texas: You can bring your own horse or enjoy a guided tour. There’s no laws against riding your horse on public roads!

Before you head to any beach, make sure to check out their local laws. Some have restrictions on when and where you can horseback ride.

The wind in your hair, the sound of crashing waves, and sand beneath your horse… this experience is like nothing else.