These stars have more than just style—they’ve perfected the cowgirl-chic look. 

Kate Hudson

Kate has a signature sporty style, but knows how to rock the ever-stylish boho chic look, and often throws in a western flair. She’s been seen in fabulous boots, turquoise accessories, big belts, and flowy dresses. A great style inspiration for combining bohemian and western.

Drew Barrymore

This actress often softens her edgy side with a modern bohemian, cowgirl element, like the work boots in the photo above.

Sienna Miller

A gorgeous celebrity unafraid to show off her look-at-me style, she has a knack for accessorizing with western flair- check out her awesome belt!

Reese Witherspoon

Photography from Trendmill

When she’s dressed to impress, she’s one of the most glam stars in the LA sky, but even when she’s running errands she know how to pull off a relaxed bohemian cowgirl look. We are loving her tassel leather purse and ankle booties. 

Taylor Swift

Photography by MTV

The red-hot country singer loves her cowboy boots and isn’t afraid to mix them with pastel colors, florals, and soft flowing fabrics for a romantic look. 

Clare Bowden

Much like her character on ABC’s Nashville, Bowden hits the perfect style note with the same cowgirl-boho look both on and off the set. 

Carrie Underwood

Photography by USA Today

She has the best legs in Country, but she also has a flair for cool, unique style. Though her look is often couture and edgy, Carrie has been known to throw in a few fabulous boho-chic accessories, and as a true country girl, she loves her cowboy boots.

Kacey Musgraves

Photography by Christopher Polk/Getty Images

This country singer is a superstar on the rise, and she rocks a sweet, cowgirl style, with just a twist of glam. The dress shown above encapsulates her style mixture!