We’ve fallen for these dresses just like Sandy fell for Danny. Summer lovin’ happened so fast! Yeah, yeah, yeah, we’re cheesy! On a serious note, if it hasn’t already wherever you live, it’s about to get HOT, HOT, HOT! With that said, you’re probably going to be showing a little more skin that usual, so do it like a lady in one of these little get ups! 

Bright colors and tribal prints are all the rage. (I think that’s what the kids are callin’ it these days.) 😉 Brands like Wrangler and Rock & Roll Cowgirl have jumped on the crazy train and created beautiful Aztec inspired pieces that are fit for a Cowgirl. ‘Nuff said, now get to shoppin’!

Wildfox Aztec Shift Dress


Gilly Tribal Stripe Print Dress



Aztec Garden Dress



Rock & Roll Cowgirl Aztec Print Dress



Maverick Uneven Dress


Johnny Was Leanna Tunic



Wrangler Long Bell Sleeve Printed Dress



Tasha Polizzi Four Corners Tunic