8 Flirty Fringe Dresses

Fringe is one of our best friends. No offense turquoise, we love you too. Fringe is just flirty. The way it playfully swings around and flatters your figure…ahhh! Any woman would love fringe if they gave it a chance. 😉

Obviously as western fashionistas, we love fringe on everything, but in the spirit of summer and all the fun summer events going on, fringe dresses are at the top of our must have list right now! Plus, they look incredible with your favorite pair of boots.

Pictured above: Santerine Fringe Dress


Southwestern Print Fringe Dress


Gianni Bini Antigua Fringe Dress


Ombre Fringe Dress

Movers and Shakers Fringe Dress


Sleeveless Fringe Dress


Faux Suede Fringe Dress


Microsuede Fringe Dress