We all have those days when our hair isn’t quite turning out like we’d hoped. Well, whether you are having a bad hair day or your just a connoisseur of accessories, hats are your friend, ladies! This is a trend few women are taking advantage of, so if you’re the rebel kind, top that outfit off!

Fino Panama Diamante, available at Brit West, $298.

Throw your hair in a side braid, curl it, straighten it, really whatever suits your fancy, but anyone can rock a cute hat. There are hundreds of different styles, but we have a special spot for these floppy, fedora and top hats! 



Free People Fedoras and Hats


Mid Crown Top Hat, available at Village Hat Shop, $68.

Pearl Grey Spade Felt Fedora, available at Ace of Something, $59.95.

Brixton X UO Byron Leather-Trim Hat, available at Urban Outfitters, $60.

Teton Cowgirl Available at Brit West, $648.

Josephine Rode, available at Goorin Bros Hat Shop, $130.

Utah Felt Fedora, available at Village Hat Shop, $42.

We know some of you probably have your favorite felt or straw sitting up in the closet that you break out on a hard day’s work, but you can doll that baby up for town with an old broach, feather or funky flower clipped to your hat band! Shoot, go crazy and put them all on at the same time. Just get creative and be you!