For all the cowgirls at heart, it’s time to take your beauty to the western side with these all natural and organic products by Cowgirl Dirt Cosmetics. The cosmetics company is based in Montana and family owned and operated. It doesn’t get more downhome than this beauty company. Find out which of their products you’ll be need just in time for summer. 

Southern Belle Cream Foundation

If you’re a busy cowgirl in need of a foundation with staying power, you won’t be disappointed with this pick. Not only does it last for hours, it also heals damaged skin, nourishes, moisturizes and protects your skin from the sun. Available on Cowgirl Dirt, $26.

Wild West Blush

Give the apples of your cheeks a rosy, summer glow with this blush. Choose from multiple shades from light pink to a bronze color. You can even contour with these blushes. Available on Cowgirl Dirt, $17.

Yeehaw Lip Sticks

If you’re looking for the soft effect of lip balm and rich color of lipstick, these Yeehaw lipsticks have it all. Treat your pout to any of the numerous bold colors while keeping it moisturized. Available on Cowgirl Dirt, $14.

Rawhide Organic Facial Serum

When it gets hot during summertime, the climate change can have a drying effect on us. It’s important to keep your skin, especially your face, well moisturized at all times. This organic facial serum is formulated with vitamin C, E and A, not to mention anti-inflammatory and anti-aging properties. Available on Cowgirl Dirt, $17.

Lash ‘Em Up Mascara

If you’re not a fan of wearing mascara, you may change your mind with this product. Not only does it lengthen lashes dramatically, but its all natural and organic ingredients are easy on eyes and won’t cause irritation or worsen allergies. Available on Cowgirl Dirt, $18.

Whipped Body Butter

Smooth your skin in the most natural way with this deliciously-scented body butter. You can rest assured your skin is only drinking up the best ingredients for it to transform into soft skin. Available on Cowgirl Dirt, $12. 

Bamboo Brush Set

Give your makeup routine the right (and natural) tools you need to create the looks you want. These brushes are made from eco-friendly bamboo sticks and synthetic soft hairs. Available on Cowgirl Dirt, $79.

Mineral Powder Foundation

If you like your foundation in powder-form, then this is one product for you. It covers blemishes, evens out skin tone, and creates a smooth complexion. Available on Cowgirl Dirt, $18.