Guess GU 7363 54, $75

We’ve been crying about the weather for weeks now, but the sun is finally starting to shed a little light! As women, we want to complain when the suns not out, but once it is, we insist on shading ourselves from it. It’s our prerogative. However, we’ll be damned if we don’t look good doing it!

If you’re willing to get out of your comfort zone, try a new shape this season. The hottest trend is the iconic round frame. Yes, the same shape Monica and Rachel rocked on, “Friends,” is back and better than ever. If you’re not into stepping back in time, we found a few great twists on some classic styles! 


RayBan New Wayfarer Color Mix, $165


RayBan Aviator Flash Lenses, $170


Vogue Eyewear, $79.95



RayBan Round Metal, $150


Guess Gu 7318 52, $88


RayBan New Wayfarer Metal Effect, $135


RayBan Clubmaster Classic, $150