Sam Shepard : New Mexico
Sam Shepard: New Mexico.……

With Taylor Sheridan, Ed Ruscha and Josh Brolin...

Sam Shepard —actor, director, and Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright — lived and loved in New Mexico. 

This new, hand-numbered, 2000-copy limited edition collects personal Sam stories of cruising Shiprock with a date in his ‘40 Ford, reminiscing at his dad’s Bernalillo cabin, drinking at the Pink Adobe, and fighting and loving with his girl on a crazy New Mexico road trip.

Sam Shepard : New Mexico is an homage to our favorite writer-cowboy, who The New York Times perfectly described:

“Possessed of a stoically handsome face and a rangy frame, Mr. Shepard became a familiar presence as an actor in films that included ‘Days of Heaven’, ’The Right Stuff’ and ‘Baby Boom’. He bore a passing resemblance to that laconic idol of Hollywood’s golden era, Gary Cooper, and in an earlier age, Mr. Shepard could have made a career as a leading man of Westerns.”

You’ll also hear about his last days with his kids in Santa Fe, and read an intimate letter about relationships to his best friend, Johnny Dark. 

As you flip through the pages, artist Ed Ruscha’s gorgeous vintage New Mexico photographs bring each story to life. 

Sam Shepard: New Mexico kicks off with an introduction by Taylor Sheridan, and includes contributions from Josh Brolin and Bob Dylan.

Take a look at The book is available with free shipping—and a free poster of Sam!

It’s the perfect time to put Sam in your stocking!