Photo courtesy, staff photo by Hilary Scheinuk.……

Like many of us, Devin White, linebacker for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, is spending his social distancing time at the barn. He is spending this time riding his horses and enjoying the sunshine. He is also reflecting on his draft in to the National Football League. Devin was drafted by the Buccaneers 5th overall in 2019 after he played football at LSU.

Devin remembers his draft experience and even shouts out Nashville. Saying Tennesse is “horse country” and he is a “horse guy.” Devin even shows off his custom cowboy boots that honor his horse, Daisy Mae. He wore these special boots to his NFL draft.

During his draft interview he divulges his plans to bring all SEVEN of his horses to Tampa with him. And if that sentiment was not enough to make you cry, he elaborates saying, “we are family and you never leave family behind.”

We will always cheer for Devin White, Daisy Mae and their herd in Tampa.

Watch Devin White’s full video here.