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Photo by Kristen Schurr, courtesy of Art of the Cowgirl.……

Art of the Cowgirl 2023 officially kicks off TOMORROW, January 18, at Horseshoe Park and Equestrian Centre in Queen Creek, AZ. Besides an amazing trade show that highlights many unique and talented vendors, there is non-stop cowgirl action in the venue’s many arenas.

The 2023 Art of the Cowgirl event will feature five main events: All Women’s Ranch Rodeo presented by COWGIRL, the World’s Greatest Horsewoman, Open Breakaway Roping, Ranch Roping, and Cowdog Rodear.

See below for event details:

All Women’s Ranch Rodeo – Presented by COWGIRL Magazine

COWGIRL Magazine is proud to once again be the presenting sponsor of the Art of the Cowgirl All Women’s Ranch Rodeo. The event showcases the skills of day-in, day-out, working cowgirls.

The Art of the Cowgirl All Women’s Ranch Rodeo will feature four events: branding, stray gathering, team roping, and ranch horse.

The Top 5 teams will come back to the finals with a clean slate where they will compete in ranch horse, team roping, and doctoring for their chance to win the title. Awards will also be given for Top Horse, Top Hand, and Top Remuda.

Prelims: Wednesday, January 18 & Thursday, January 19th
Finals: Friday, January 20th

Kimes Ranch World’s Greatest Horsewoman – Presented by Western Horseman

The World’s Greatest Horsewoman will focus on one horse and one rider testing their skills and versatility with the same bit in four phases—herd work, reining, steer stopping, and cow work. With these categories, the competition hopes to reward the most well-rounded cowgirl.

The top ten horse and rider duos in the competition will advance to the final round, where they will start with a clean slate and compete for cash and other prizes.

Tuesday, January 17th: 9am – Herd Work
Wednesday, January 18th: 9am – Reining
Thursday, January 19th: Approximately 2pm – Steer Stopping followed by Fence Work
Saturday, January 21st: 5pm – Herd Work Finals
Sunday, January 22nd: 1pm – Reining finals, followed by Steer Stopping & Fence Work

Breakaway Roping

Breakaway roping is rodeo’s fastest-growing sport. The Art of the Cowgirl Open Breakway Roping will be a progressive after the first run.

Top 10 Finals will run prior to Ranch Rodeo Finals, following the
Ranch Roping Finals.

1st Round: Friday, January 20th – 9am
Finals: Friday, January 20th

Ranch Roping – Produced by Rockin X

The first-time observer of this traditional ranch occupation might think the action is a bit slow.  And that is precisely the point.  Adhering to the Vaquero tradition of tending to and protecting the ranch’s most valuable assets with slow and gentle handling, ranch roping utilizes age-old techniques, horsemanship, and gear to achieve a somewhat graceful approach to the everyday tending to cattle.

Scoring of the event is based on head shots, heel shots, time additions, and any other additions.

Prelims will begin at 9am on Friday, January 20
Top 5, Clean Slate Finals will run prior to Ranch Rodeo Finals

Cowdog Rodear

The goal of the Cowdog Rodear Competition event is to accurately simulate the way in which cow dogs are utilized in everyday cattle operations on working cattle ranches. And, since most cattle operations take care not to run the weight” off their cattle, the Cowdog  Competition places a great deal of emphasis on the stockmanship of the handler and the quiet and controlled manner in which the dog maneuvers the cattle.

The event is unique from other cow dog competitions in that the majority of the obstacles require both the dog and horse/rider to negotiate. For this reason, use of the horse is not restricted in any way. If the handler is horseback, Cowdog Competition provides a great place for individuals to enjoy their good cow horses and work their good cow dogs through courses that either take place in an arena or cross country, or both! 

Friday, January 20th
Will have a novice, intermediate, and open division.

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