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Cowboy hats- whether collected over the years or just want one in every color or style- every cowgirl has her share of them!

So what do you do with all these cowboy hats? Keep them in boxes under your bed? Stack them on a shelf together? Own numerous hat racks?

These are all good options! But if you’re gonna own that many cowboy hats, might as well show them off! If you have them, decorate with them!

Cowboy hat walls are a great way to keep your cowboy hat in good condition, while also Western-ing your home! There are a couple of ways to go about a hat wall.

First is the string method.

Using a dowel rod, string, or rope (it’s personal preference) horizontally, you’re going to tie on numerous other strings vertically. Add the same number of strings as cowboy hats you own. Then you can attach clips to the end of the strings, to clip your hats onto.

See how fashion influencer, Ashley, did hers!

The second option is to use hooks.

At the store, you can buy various kinds of hooks. Personally, I used Command hooks. Try to find ones with a more protruding hook, so it’s easier to place your hat onto it.

Now, you’re all set with your very own hat wall!!