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Do you need new tack? Is your budget feeling strained? It’s eBay to the rescue!

There is a lot of horse tack constantly for sale on eBay, if you know how to navigate the site to your advantage it’s easy to find a good deal. From halters, saddles, bits, protective boots, and saddle pads, eBay has it all. Below are a few tips to help you become a better shopper.

1. Learn how to search. If you are looking for a western saddle, type in “western saddle”. You will probably get a large amount of results with a lot of clutter. Now try looking for a specific brand, type in “Double J Saddle” and you might find some beauties from Double J Saddlery. It’s important to know the keywords you are looking for.

2. Know your tack Prices. Just because someone says it’s a good deal doesn’t mean it is. For the most part eBay is always priced at or below current tack price points but sometimes you can find things priced higher. If someone is selling a lightly used or brand new pair of bell boots, search for the same pair at a tack store online and decide if eBay is a deal. Keep in mind if it’s a pair of boots in a print or design no longer in production, it might be priced higher for that reason.

3. Make Offer is your best friend. eBay is set up to make purchases based on two main ways – auction style or buy it now. Some buy it now items also have a button that says “Make Offer” this means you can suggest another price to the seller and see if they take it. They may decline your offer, accept it or send you a counter offer. It never hurts to see how bad someone wants to sell something. Keep in mind extremely low offers are not going to be taken seriously.

4. Beware of pretty looking no name tack. Sometimes photos can be deceiving, a gorgeous headstall with no brand name? You might want to question the quality behind it. Since eBay is buying based off of photos you cannot touch the leather to see if it’s good quality. Send a message to the seller and ask if they know the brand, maybe they forgot to list it.

5. Carefully read descriptions. This should go without saying but often eBay purchases are final sale and you cannot return items unless they were described inaccurately. Make sure you are buying the size you need and double check to see if the item is used or brand new.

6. Do not bid until the last minute. If a bronc halter you want is listed auction style, don’t bid on it until there are 30 seconds or less left. I mean it! Why drive up the price of something you want early on? It also alerts other bidders to your presence and you could find yourself in a bidding war you could loose.

7. Set alerts for new listings. Are you looking for a specific size horse blanket and eBay doesn’t have anything for you right now? Set up an alert. Type “74” horse blanket” into the search bar and then click on “follow this search” below the listings. You will get an email every time a new 74″ horse blanket is listed.

Have you gotten any good deals on eBay lately?