Revamp your style on a budget in 2023! Finding pieces as unique as yourself at an affordable price can be sometimes challenging at large stores. From finding statement-making NFR fashion pieces to stylish everyday essentials, thrift shopping is a budget-savvy cowgirl’s BFF.

Thrift shopping is not only a budget-friendly option, it is a great option for finding unique and vintage pieces that scream your style. Right now, vintage pieces have never been hotter and thrift stores can be the perfect place to find unique pieces at unbeatable prices. Vintage Rockies, trouser pants, men’s Wranglers, and textured statement jackets are all the rave- and only available second-hand. So, grab a few friends and head out to your local thrift store because we are going shopping! We’ve rounded up our top 5 tips for thrift shopping to make the most out of your next trip!

Have an Open Mind

Keeping an open mind while shopping is essential in finding those once-in-a-lifetime deals. You never know what you may find! It is equally important to not get discouraged if you don’t find what you were searching for right away. Enjoying the hunt is part of what makes thrifting so unique!

Go Early

Most thrift shops update their stock early in the mornings and during early weekdays. Knowing your local shop’s stocking schedule may help you find those steals of a deal more efficiently.

Have a Goal in Mind

At first glance, thrifting can be overwhelming! With pieces ranging from a child’s ragged, old Halloween costume to beautiful, to a handmade, embroidered blazer-crowded thrift stores can be a lot to go through. Having a clear goal in mind can make your specific search a little bit easier.

Check Out Online Second Hand Stores

If you’re feeling down on your luck at local shops, don’t give up! Online shops like Poshmark and thredUP allow sellers to sell their pieces for discounted rates while also allowing shoppers to find that exact piece.

Have Fun!

It is important to find pieces that you love and feel comfortable in. Enjoying the process and showing off your latest finds are all part of the fun. Finding these pieces with a few friends makes the trip all that much more fun, so grab a few gal pals and hit up a shop near you!