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Heartland filming is going strong! With such a large cast and so many moving parts, it’s hard to imagine how they get everything done so quickly! With production beginning in early June and the new season premiering in mid-October, the team definitely works some miracles. With production of season 15 more than halfway complete, we’re getting anxious to watch what unfolds!

Production is broken down into periods that are about 15 days long, called blocks, where two episodes are filmed during each block. This is why there is often one director for two episodes in a row. During one director’s block, a different director is typically preparing for the next block so that it can begin filming immediately after the current block has completed.

Photo courtesy of Heartland.

The show is filmed this way because it takes place at a few main locations:

1. The ranch exterior, which is all of the beautiful scenery around the Heartland ranch including the barn, the gate, and the outside of the ranch house and surrounding area.

2. The dude ranch, which includes the cabins and the lake with the dock and the surrounding area.

3. The town of High River, Alberta, which includes the interior and exterior sets for Maggie’s Diner. 

4. The studio in Calgary: This is where all of the interior sets are such as all of the rooms  inside of the ranch house, Lou’s office, the interior of the barn, etc.

Sometimes there are also special locations in Alberta where episode-specific scenes are filmed.

Have you seen where two past characters have returned to the set? You’re gonna want to see it!