Boots are a part of the cowgirl way of life; we wear them everywhere and lots of cowgirls meet the love of their lives while wearing their favorite pair of boots! In the words of Durango, “You met in your boots, why get married in anything else?”

Durango Boots captures the true spirit of the modern day western wedding with their stunning designs. Recently, Durango filmed a wedding story that caught the attention of many cowgirls because of the authenticity and true love the video depicts.

“This was a love story come to life and Durango was able to be a part of that. The couple will be able to share this video and their beautiful wedding story with their family and friends for generations to come.”

Erin DeLong, the Durango Boots Marketing Manager that is quoted above, has answered some questions about the wedding video and how Durango Boots was able to be such an important part of such a special day.

Photo courtesy of Melina Terry.

Q: Who are the people in this video; was this an actual wedding?

A: Yes! The video portrays an actual wedding that took place in Moulton, Alabama. The groom, a sales representative with Durango Boots, and bride had been sweethearts for years before tying the knot in the rustic, winter wonderland themed wedding seen in the video.

Q: What was the inspiration behind this video?

A: Durango wanted to share an authentic western wedding and show the versatile platform and design of our brand. This video shares very real and sincere moments between the bride and groom and we wanted to capture those beautiful moments that came straight from the heart.

Photo courtesy of Melina Terry.

Q: Why should a wedding incorporate Durango Boots?

A: Durango Boots utilizes the Americana spirit; we project boldness and adventure. The spirit of our brand fits perfectly together with weddings! Also, we pride ourselves on the comfort and durability of our boots; these are boots that you can wear all day and then dance the night away in!

Q: One of our favorite moments in the wedding video is the branding! Tell us more about that special moment.

A: The couple decided to incorporate a special unity branding into their wedding. The initials WB were branded on wood to show the love this couple has for one another. Durango Boots loved being able to capture that unique symbol of love between the bride and groom.

If you’re interested in saying “I do” with Durango, visit their website for special wedding pricing.