There is a ranch in Colorado where everyone from all around the world can find a little slice of heaven, and that is C Lazy U Ranch; an award-winning dude ranch located in the small town of Granby, Colorado. Here, it isn’t strange to see a bunch of happy-go-lucky college kids waking up early in the morning to get to their jobs around the ranch while sporting cowboy hats and boots with spurs.

C Lazy U Ranch horses.

Come sunrise, everyone at the C Lazy U Ranch is up with a big smile on their faces because they get to spend another day in paradise. It is May 16th and the mountains are still capped with snow. The 200+ horses are led by several college wranglers to the pasture and then across the bridge, and suddenly you realize you’re in a dream. Or in my case, not in Florida anymore.

This summer I decided to take on the amazing opportunity to pioneer through the midwest via Jeep after accepting a job at the ranch as a “Floater” between the store, the Lazy U spa, and the pool.

Writer & ranch employee, Landry Talley, pictured far right.

Arriving on my first day, I enjoyed exploring the nearby hiking trails, one in particular leading to an area named “Woodsie,” where one can stare in awe at the intense rocky mountains and view the ranch from afar. I later found out this spot is used for numerous wedding receptions, early morning breakfasts and line dance parties.

The shop at C Lazy U Ranch.

Starting work, I learned the ins and outs of the “Luis Old-place” store, a small and charming red barn in the middle of the property. From monogrammed flannels to handmade C Lazy U engraved jewelry and belt buckles, I was excited to promote the Western style the ranch has to offer to guests. The style is simple and comfortable, but with a special flare, such as pairing a white cotton dress with a chunky brown belt and topping it off with an enormous red leather fringe clutch. Working at the store, I not only developed a liking for Western style, but I also learned the names of some ranch members as they stopped by one by one.

Before opening the store, I love decorating the front entrance with Stetson hats, leather fringe belts and C Lazy U merchandise to draw people in after their horseback rides. The guests always have a story to tell about their fun-filled days at the ranch, and I can tell by their lightheartedness that this is likely their most cherished vacation.

The spa that ranch guests love to frequent after a long morning of horseback riding.

The spa is located across the bridge that runs over the river, consisting of a few white linen tents overlooking the river and mountains. The location is majestic, as you may be able to catch sight of the next “jingle” or C Lazy U horses running to and from the pasture and barn.

After a long day of riding, I fill copper bathtubs for guests who get to relax and unwind while gazing out upon the river and mountain side. The quietness, faux fur pillows and cozy brown robes are signatures here at the Lazy U spa. From facials to Swedish massages, the guests really enjoy relaxing here after a long day outside.

Guests and staff alike enjoy loving on horses at C Lazy U.

Come dinnertime, the guests are getting cozy by the fireside and dining near the pool, where the wait staff, wearing signature chunky leather belts and flannels, serve a gourmet dinner. S’mores are made by the fireside, and a fox named Nolan can be spotted at a distance across the mountain. The amount of stars in the sky at this time of night are impressive, making the staff chatter about when they will go camping next on their off-days at the ranch. Everyone is tired by this time of night, but our eyes continue to sparkle.

The warm lodge keeps guests comfortable during the snowy seasons of the year.

The next day we will repeat the same routine, and the guests find comfort from the cold weather in the luxurious lodge. Before they leave, there will be a party in the hay barn with live music, drinks and corn hole.

Come June, there will be a camp devoted to the kids, and large wedding parties at the ranch. Here, it is always busy and swarmed with new guests each and every week; it will always be a serene place as it reflects on the original 1919 laid-back horse ranch feel, which is truly unforgettable.

For more information about C Lazy U Ranch, visit their website here.