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The studio that brought us The Rodeo Show has another female-led exhibit coming soon! If you’re in Fort Worth and need something to do, this art exhibit would be great! A Space Between Time will feature artists Carly Allen-Martin and Jim Woodson. This exhibition underscores the mutual transference of creativity and inspiration that is inherent to the teacher/student relationship.

Jim Woodson, “Compelling Embedded Emergence” 2020. Oil on Canvas. 36 x 48.” 

As a professor of art at Texas Christian University, Jim Woodson created a path for young artists through technical training and guidance. As his student, Carly Allen-Martin used these tools to further develop a path that he pioneered, resulting in her own prolific practice that is prized in private collections across the world. A Space Between Time conveys the cultivation of techniques, ideals, correlations and juxtapositions of teaching and discovery.

Carly Allen-Martin. “Two Souls, One Life” 2021. Mixed Media on Panel. 60 x 36.” 

This exhibition will open March 27, and remain open until May 8, 2021. Gallery hours are Wednesday-Friday 11-5, Saturdays 11-2, and by appointment. 

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