Amy (Amber Marshall) and Jack (Shaun Johnston) driving cattle. (CBC) — CBC. Courtesy of ET Canada.…

Just a few short weeks away from Heartland‘s Season 16 premiere on October 2! Production is currently underway in Alberta, and ET Canada shared exclusive first-look photos from the upcoming season of the longest-running one-hour drama in Canadian TV history.

The new season will feature 15 episodes — an increase from last season’s 10 — and will find the Bartlett-Fleming family coming together as never before to face their fears and being the next chapter in their lives.

Amy, played by Amber Marshall, to the rescue. (CBC)
Lyndy (Ruby and Emmanuella Spencer) following in her mother’s footsteps. (CBC)

“For Amy that means taking the blinders off and looking at her life with renewed hope and focus,” notes the synopsis. “She’ll be challenged by the horses that need her help, but she’ll also open herself up to the possibility of new friendships and maybe even romance.”

Meanwhile, Amy’s daughter, Lyndy (played by Ruby and Emmanuella Spencer) will follow in her mother’s footsteps as her talents with horses start to develop over the course of the season.

Lyndy (Ruby and Emmanuella Spencer) celebrates her Kindergarten Graduation. (CBC)
Mallory (Jessica Amlee) and Jake (Jake Church) at dinner with the Heartland family. (CBC)

Then there’s Jack (Shaun Johnston) and Lisa (Jessica Steen), who find themselves living out the dreams they’ve both worked so hard to achieve, while also coming to realize there are unforeseen consequences to dreams coming true.

Tim, played by Chris Potter, heads to the big city. (CBC)
Logan, played by Drew Davis at the Heartland Ranch. (CBC)

“Just as Lou (Michelle Morgan) and Peter (Gabriel Hogan) have recommitted as a couple, Katie (Baye McPherson) will struggle to find her place in the world and in her family,” the synopsis continues. “Tim (Chris Potter) has never been happier in his marriage to Jessica (Michelle Nolden), but a ghost from his past will force him to reconsider mistakes he made years ago and seek ways to atone for them.”

Amy, played by Amber Marshall with Finn, played by Robert Cormier. (CBC)

We may see some old characters this new season! Amber Marshall shared some teasers in a recent podcast.