Handcrafted jewelry and apparel from A Touch of Earth incorporating trophy belt buckles.

Billi Jo Morken is the owner and creator behind A Touch of Earth.  She currently resides in Watford City, North Dakota with her husband, Ray Morken Jr.  where she runs a Custom Grain Cleaning business as well as creates amazing pieces for A Touch of Earth.  She and Ray Jr. have two children, John and Bridger who both have wonderful families of their own.

Beautiful customized stirrups from A Touch of Earth.

Billi Jo has always loved to design and create. Everything that she makes is a one-of-a-kind piece. All the items she creates are crafted from natural materials such as wood, gemstones, leather, hides and more.  She adds a unique twist of her own personality and style to each piece she creates along with a touch of Western flare.

Handmade jewelry made of leather, gemstones, and more from A Touch of Earth.

Some of the items Billi Jo makes are jewelry, wood with turquoise inlay, unique window valances (made from wood and leather), leather jackets, coats, and shawls, leather scarves, belts,  hide bed dress covers, and more.  She also restores old and used items while also adding a touch of western to them.

A natural wood table with turquoise inlay by A Touch of Earth.

Billi Jo lists new items with prices on her Facebook page A Touch of Earth, so be sure to like and follow her page to check out all her latest designs. New designs are popping up all the time, so be sure to keep an eye out so you can grab it first!

More one-of-kind jewelry designs from A Touch of Earth.

Billi Jo also works closely with a silversmith so if you’d like a unique custom design made she can work with you to create a one-of-a-kind piece. You can see examples of some of the custom work she’s done in the past on her Facebook page. Along with entirely custom orders you can also have items personalized. For example she had a customer ask to have a pillow crafted into a purse. You can see the before and after pictures on the Facebook page.

So be sure to go like and follow A Touch of Earth on Facebook HERE!