Country/Pop artist Abigail Neilson's newest release "Left Unsaid." Photo via Abigail Neilson's YouTu…

Seattle, August 28th , 2020 – Country/Pop artist Abigail Neilson is set to release her next single entitled, “Left Unsaid” on August 28th, 2020.

For Country/Pop artist Abigail Neilson, the heart and soul of music is rooted in its ability to connect with others on a deeper level, and coincidentally, the Seattle-based artist has a lot to get off her chest. Thematically, her honest and captivating ballads cover the spectrum of human emotion — everything from the joy of falling in love, to the agony of heartbreak and the strength of female empowerment.

“Left Unsaid” is an energetic country anthem that exemplifies the powerful and harsh emotions that follow a careless heartbreak. This song takes the listener through recollections of times where a relationship felt steady and strong, only to be abandoned and left deserted in the end. Feelings of confusion, and not understanding why a person doesn’t want you anymore, turn into anger which leads to the chorus echoing the words, “Is it making you better, saying you don’t love me now?” Rooted with the country sound, you can hear the influences of pop and heartland rock mixed into this record.  

“Left Unsaid” was self-written by Abigail Neilson. The track was produced in Nashville, Tennessee by Robbie Artress who has worked with artists such as Chris Stapleton, Ben Folds, and Randy Rogers Band. Instrumental tracking was done by brothers Gideon Klein, Gabe Klein, and Ellen Angelico, who have all played with artists such as Tenille Townes, Delta Rae and Lauren Jenkins. Grant Mickelson was also a part of the instrumental tracking and has played with artists such as Taylor Swift, George Strait, and Kenny Chesney.

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