Cowgirl - J. Augur Design

Don’t’cha just love a good, handmade piece of jewelry? In my list of priorities in life, it’s: 1. good husband 2. good jewelry 3. good boots.

J. Augur Design has now made its way into my long list of jewelry crushes. They also build incredible handbags that will make ya swoon, but we’ll address that some other time. If you’re looking for a big, heavy statement piece, this isn’t you’re place, but if you love to layer  your jewels, check them out. J. Augur pieces are smaller and simplistic, but totally rad. My favorites are their little thunderbird pendants hanging from those tiny red beads. To die for! Throw that baby in with a pile of Navajo pearls and you are set, sister! It’s the kind of jewelry that will work with a tee shirt and jeans, as well as a fancier, “night out on the town,” get-up. Since I’ve fed my hunger for a huge squash blossom, now I crave these dainty little pieces. Though J. Augur Designs may be small, the details are still major and amazing, so consider adding one to your collection!

Shop till ya drop, y’all!

Sterling T Bird Beaded Necklace