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After seeing Ace’s Arrow’s Instagram post last week, we knew we had to reach out for deets. The brand just bought its first brick and mortar store!

Ace’s Arrow owner and founder Sami Jo Harberd shared a great deal of excitement about this new step for the brand, and we couldn’t wait to learn more.

COWGIRL: What made you want a brick and mortar store?

Sammi Jo Harberd: As our hat inventory has grown, customers often reach out wanting to try our hats on and feel the quality of them in person. It is hard to host customers out of our home and we wanted to give them a memorable shopping experience.  As the demand of customers wanting to shop in-person progressed, our home continued to be overflowing with hats and other inventory. It is important to me to have our products displayed beautifully, whether it be how they are packaged and shipped, how they are displayed on the rack, or photos of them on the website. So to answer your question, a beautiful space that could be my “happy place” has always been ultimately what I wanted for Ace’s Arrow.

CG: When did you know you wanted a physical store?

SJH: We have known we were ready for this next step for over a year, but the right location was a hiccup for us. We even pondered the idea of moving to Pendleton, OR. and opening a store there. We settled on Weiser, Idaho. as we are in the process of moving there. Weiser is Chase’s hometown, so it’s an extra special place. We have already felt an abundance of support from family, friends, and other locals.

CG: What do you think are the advantages of having a brick and mortar store?

SJH: One of the biggest advantages of having a physical store is going to be the relationships we are able to build with our customers, and the gratification they will get when touching our high quality products in-person. We try to give our customers an experience they won’t forget when we travel and set-up at shows. We want it to be a memory they fondly think of when they wear the merchandise they purchased for us… having a store will be no different.

CG: What are you most excited about regarding the new store?

SJH: We are most excited to have a home for our merchandise and a place to beautifully display everything, instead of it being boxed up in our garage. Coming into the store and seeing everything displayed with my own personal flair and style will make my day, everyday. Truly. We also look forward to helping our new customers, locals, and old friends find the perfect piece(s) for special occasions. We can’t wait to have shopping parties, ladies nights, guys nights, and our big grand opening celebration to bond with our customers. Building friendships is what it is all about for us.

CG: Anything you can tell us about future plans for the store or the Ace’s Arrow brand?

SJH: As far as future plans, right now we are looking forward to our big Grand Opening party on September 12, 2020. With the cancellation of the Pendleton Round Up, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to add a little bit of light during these dark times. We plan to have a ribbon cutting, door prizes for the first 50 customers, hat specials, custom hat orders available, live music, a taco bar, delicious beverages, and so much more. Right now we are looking forward to that, and focusing on the holiday season and ways to maximize the opportunities that come with having a permanent location. We are so ecstatic to welcome Ace’s Arrow home.

For more information about Ace’s Arrow (and their new brick and mortar store), visit acesarrow.com.