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It's time you start enjoying winter!……

You and your horse can have so much fun this winter! You just need to get creative and think outside of the box. There are a ton of activities you can try from riding in the snow to teaching them tricks. You don’t have to hibernate all winter, instead head out to the barn and have a blast!

Winter Activities to Try with Your Horse

  1. Take a bareback ride through the snow.
  2. Go for a sleigh ride!
  3. Give skijoring a try.
  4. Saddle up for a fun trail adventure.
  5. Teach your horse a trick, such as bowing, kissing or fetching.
  6. Give your horse a massage.
  7. Practice your clipping skills.
  8. Bond with your horse over a long grooming session.
  9. Try some in-hand work like long lining.
  10. Build an obstacle course to tackle (in-hand or under saddle).
  11. Stage a photoshoot!
  12. Trailer your horse to a winter show.
  13. Brush up on your horse’s ground manners.
  14. Create an enrichment activity for your horse.
  15. Make some homemade treats and let your horse sample some.
  16. Desensitize your horse to a scary object like a trap or umbrella.
  17. Try some yoga on horseback.
  18. Take your horse for a walk and hand graze them.
  19. Give liberty training a try!
  20. Learn your horse’s vital signs.

What fun activities can you come up with?