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We all remember those My Little Pony toys. The ones with designs on their hips and flowing manes we grew up brushing. Now, with just a little sparkle, our own horses can look like the toys we grew up with!

“How about showing off that motor on your D1 barrel ride? Are you looking to be the fanciest hilltopper? How about catching the judge’s eye in your derby round?” asks Glittermarx.

Glittermarx is a glitter and stencil kit to add sparkling designs to your equine buddy.

Two moms, both veterinarians, came together to design the product. The #GlitterYourRide product was created in hopes of spreading some sparkle!”

It is an all-inclusive kit with a four-step process. After grooming your horse, you will:

  1. Apply the design stencil
  2. Apply the adhesive
  3. Add the glitter
  4. Remove the design stencil

And voila! In just four easy steps, you have a My Little Pony look alike!

For removal, use water and a curry comb (They have YouTube videos for more in-depth instruction).

You can #GlitterYourRide here!