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Affirmations are positive statements that encourage positive thinking. They are meant to be encouraging and motivating. As cowgirls know, riding and any other event they do is 80% mental. Repeating affirmations to yourself can help to put your mind in the right place before competing!

You can include them before or during your warm-up! Ignore those negative thoughts and redirect them to more positive thoughts with affirmations. You will go in feeling more confident and ready to win!

Here are some cowgirls can repeat:

  • I am confident in my riding ability and my horse’s ability. 
  • I am prepared for this moment. 
  • I am worthy and deserving of a good run.
  • I am grateful to be here. 
  • I am creating greatness here today. 
  • I am blessed with my horse’s talent.
  • I am riding to my fullest potential today. 
  • I am excited and happy to compete today.